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Your smile could be the first thing people notice about you. And the key to a perfect smile begins with taking good care of your oral cleanliness.|How to rinse the mouth area effectively with peroxide mouthwash?|Using bleach as mouthwash is quite simple. Things you might need are –|i. A soft toothbrush, |ii 3 percent peroxide which is diluted.|iii Drinking cup.|Remember that hydrogen peroxide is an acid and will cause severe damage to tooth enamel and gums, if not used carefully. Here are some guidelines you might like to consider for rinsing orally with hydrogen peroxide safely-|1. First brush your teeth using a soft- bristled toothbrush in small circular motions to clean your teeth gently and very thoroughly.|2. Next dilute one cap-full of 3 percent peroxide with equal areas of water in the drinking cup. |3. Pour this mixture into orally and swish it around inside your mouth maybe once or twice. This will help kill every one of the bacteria on your own gums.|4. Tilt your mind slightly backwards and gargle the solution for approximately thirty seconds and after that spit all of it into the sink.|However, make sure you don't swallow the liquid while gargling. Also, do no brush your teeth for at least one hour after using bleach mouthwash.|There tend to be pros and cons to rinsing orally using hydrogen peroxide.|Pros- |i. Hydrogen peroxide is really a mild antiseptic solution that may effectively kill germs inside mouth.|ii. It is seen to be highly beneficial for preventing dental problems like tooth decay, gum infection and even smelly breath.|iii. It is inexpensive and readily available at any druggist or groceries.|iv. It can help in whitening teeth due to its bleaching properties.|v. When rinsed daily, it has been found to be effective in the treatment of oral thrush.|Cons- |i. It is harmful when ingested and might cause death or serious problems including vomiting, nausea and burning in the digestive tract.|ii. If not diluted properly, it may well damage your gums or tooth enamel.|iii. If used at higher concentrations, hydrogen peroxide may increase teeth sensitivity to cold and warm foods.|iv. It has an unpleasant taste thus, could be difficult for a person who has a sensitive gag reflex.|v. If this chemical comes in contact with the skin, it could cause irritation in the skin and mucous membranes.|Tips and Warnings|-If you think using 3 % of hydrogen peroxide is a bit too strong as mouthwash, you could water it down with water for making a lower concentration.|-If you dislike the flavors of peroxide, adding mint flavor to the mouthwash might help.|-It'd much better to first practice gargling which has a mild mouthwash when you try peroxide. This way it is certain that you won't even accidentally swallow the answer.|-Never allow children to gargle with peroxide as it can be highly dangerous. |- Always dilute hydrogen peroxide properly before rinsing the mouth area with it.|-Consult your dentist before using hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash and ask for any additional safety tips.|- Don't panic in the event you accidentally swallow a bit of this mouthwash. Be sure to rinse your mouth multiple times and drink plenty of water to dilute any remaining peroxide. However, in cases of emergencies, don't be afraid to contact your physician immediately!} You will find a great deal more amazing facts on this great site. hydrogen peroxide mouthwash side effects. Once you've checked that out, also check out 15 hydrogen peroxide.